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Trade Park Corporation a real estate consultancy and developer, assisting governments across the globe to diversify their economic exports, meet long-term fiscal goals and attract foreign direct investment.

Our solutions include the legal and technical infrastructure to deliver economic free zones, focused on incubating the conditions required for international business to flourish organically. We work in partnership with a diverse mix of financial, construction and logistics partners to deliver our innovative parks on time and under budget.



One of the key pillars in the planning stage of any new trade park is minimising environmental impact. We only work with construction partners, environmental consultants and wildlife relocation specialists that share our love of the environment and our commitment to protecting it. Recycled construction materials are heavily used in the construction of our parks, and we take every precaution to minimise our carbon footprint.


Out of a belief that every one of our trade parks must contribute to their surroundings at every stage of their life, we require that potential subcontractors draw a significant portion of their workforce from surrounding areas to be eligible to work with us. We find that trade parks have an organically beneficial impact on local communities; providing long-term jobs and drawing investment into the area. In addition, where a large community of workers will be employed from the surrounding areas, we will assist in delivering additional community services in relation to healthcare and transport.


Our trade parks would not be viable without the innovation provided by dozens, sometimes hundreds, of local and international businesses of all sizes. The design of every park is mindful of this. We have previously implemented solutions designed specifically to incubate budding entrepreneurs, such as educational institutes; equally we have readymade designs for on-site patent offices to provide protection for intellectual property. Our modular, turnkey approach provides a highly customisable approach to ensuring the highest level of support to the businesses and entrepreneurs in our parks.


Every TradePark is a bespoke combination of unconfined flexibility with the speed of a turnkey solution. All our TradeParks benefit from the ability to choose from a comprehensive list of pre-designed auxiliary features, that can be readily added to a TradePark’s design.

Our TradeParks are a perfect merger of physical space and pioneering technology. Through partnership with infini, a world-leading infrastructure company, every TradePark is delivered with a comprehensive package of business-enabling technology. The core TradePark product features a proprietary business registry, developed by infini, allowing for instant company formation, amongst other features.

A TradePark is a frenetic melting pot of trade, innovation and education. Equally capable of catering to a multinational requiring the space required for thousands of staff as it is to start-ups, technical colleges and research laboratories.

TradeParks are delivered through several clearly defined operational stages. Before the in-depth planning takes place, we conduct a viability study to ensure the proposed park truly suits the customer. Our Business Registry, a key pillar of any Trade Park, becomes available within 30 days of the project green light. During the planning stage, we develop the plan for the park with the end user; with their choice of features from our catalogue serving as the springboard for the overall design. Once the design is agreed and funding is secured, Trade Park ensures all legal obligations are met and begins the tendering process.

Special Economic Zones

Many global financial centres take advantage of implementing Special Economic Zones, to enable them to meet a global demand for more fiscally-efficient business environment.

These zones are often delivered and administered by third party partners, who do not pass on the benefits and investments in the zone to the host country.

Few of these Special Economic Zones can be considered truly innovative; often relying on similar designs and operating models. Notwithstanding, the implementation of these zones has proved successful in the past. The traditional business commerce zones now compete for the same business and with little difference in their offering.

Trade Park Corporation look to develop Special Economic Zones, as our flagship TradePark product, that are focused around niche yet high-value commodity and industry services. We deliver advanced technology services as part of the solution. Using traditional best of breed legal infrastructure, we look to add modern commerce approaches for improved service delivery and more efficient fiscal regulations for global trade and compliance.

Coupled with our ability to market to 25,000 business intermediaries and consultants to expose the new zones, means we can do more and go further than traditional real estate development. Our solutions look to work with the current landscape, community skills and desired economic diversification to deliver transformative TradeParks. Our TradeParks work as perfect business ecosystems, providing local employment, knowledge and skills transfer, diversification of export revenues and strong attraction of key foreign investment.


Project One
Medicinal Agriculture Export Zone

Spanning over 4,800 hectares, this TradePark will produce a wide range of agriculturally-derived active and non-active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as selected other crops. An estimated 15,000 new jobs will be created for the local community.

Project Two
Financial Innovation Zone

Set in a stunning coastal location, this 200 hectare TradePark's focus will be on providing an efficient business environment for global financial and technology innovation and incubation. We estimate this project will create 9,000 new jobs for the local community.

Project Three
National Special Administrative Zone

This TradePark, set in an idyllic, temperate jurisdiction, establishes a large international business centre in Central Africa. As part of the project, Trade Park Corporation will implement our pioneering commerce registry.


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